Professional partner in the area of compensation for flight problems. We offer a simple, fast, effective online review of the circumstances of your flight problem and subsequent compensation.

We would like to inform you about new cooperation with Click2Claim.

What does this company offer?


Click2Claim is a professional partner in the area of ​​compensation for flight problems. It offers a simple, fast, efficient online review of the circumstances of your flight problem and subsequent compensation.


Verify your claim for flight complaint free of charge.

Nothing you pay in advance, Click2Claim's reward is only commission from the recovered compensation.

Up to 3 years retroactively, you are entitled to financial compensation for:

Cancellation of a flight of which the passenger has not been informed sufficiently in advance - the passenger must be informed more than 14 days in advance of the flight, without providing a substitute flight at similar times, otherwise a claim for compensation will arise.

The flight delay is longer than 3 hours compared to the scheduled arrival to your destination.

Missed connecting flight: if you have a multi-segment ticket and a delay or cancellation of a flight on only a section causes you to arrive at your destination more than 3 hours late than the scheduled time of arrival, the carrier is entitled to compensation, who caused the irregularity in this section.

Redirection of flight, change of departure or landing point or change of flight route, which results in delay of your arrival to your destination.


The amount of flat-rate compensation depends on the flight distance:

Within 1,500 km - € 6,462.50 (250 EUR)

1,501 to 3,500 km - € 10,340 (€ 400)

over 3,500 km - 15,510 Kč (600 EUR)


Travel Assistant

The Travel Asistent service can be purchased with a ticket for CZK 49 including VAT. It includes a 24/7 assistance line. So if there is a problem at the airport and you need advice on what to do, you have the option of contacting professional staff who will be happy to advise you.