Uniglobe Booking Intelligence (Ubi) - UBI booking tool

Booking Intelligence, abbreviated Ubi, allows you to manage business trips efficiently and effectively. This brand new state-of-the-art technology is suitable for small, medium and international companies.


Overview of all benefits:

· The largest online offer of business trips in the world

· Best available prices

· Platform accessible 24/7

· User-friendly environment

· Unique combination of options

· Also available as a mobile application

· Seamless connection to the trusted Uniglobe service

· Automated control of internal travel policy

· Possibility to set automatic approval procedure

· Secure sharing of personal data and travel preferences according to the GDPR directive

· Calculation of CO2 and the possibility of compensation

· Analytical reporting

· The largest offer of business trips online


With UBI you have access to the most extensive online offer in the world of business travel. Here you will find the widest range of flights, hotels, car rentals, trains and additional services at competitive prices.



Ubi has been developed in such a way that you can easily draw from different channels. You no longer have to search other websites and build a complicated path.

You will have the largest online assortment in the world of business travel. Carefully selected based on a selection of different distribution systems and channels.


Best available prices

You will have the best prices available from our worldwide network spread across all continents. Here is Uniglobe's international purchasing power. In addition to the current market offer, you will also benefit from our own Uniglobe contract rates and tour operator rates. The most advantageous custom contract rates can also be loaded into UBI.


Unique combination options

With UBI, you can easily combine different airlines. For example, a combination of a regular and lowcost airline, or a departure flight with company X and a return flight with company Y. This is technically impossible in traditional route distribution and many known systems, but UBI can do it for you immediately. The combination of two one-way tickets will also automatically suggest Smart Ticketing technology. Such unique combinations can lead to a huge price advantage.


Total integration with profiles in Uniglobe

UBI is connected to Uniglobe profiles. Important personal information, such as passports or Frequent Flyers, is stored here. You can also store personal travel preferences, such as vegetarian food on board or your preferred seat. There is permanent and two-way synchronization between UBI and Uniglobe profiles, so that all relevant data can be easily exchanged and managed. And, of course, they meet the strict conditions of compliance with the GDPR directive.

UBI can also be linked to expense reporting systems, care responsibilities and risk management applications.


CO2 calculation and compensation

Uniglobe works with CO2logic, a climate consultancy, to address climate challenges. For example, you can now offset CO2 emissions from your business trips through a certified project in Ghana. The calculation is fast and transparent through a specific report.


Mobile application

In addition to the desktop application, UBI also has a practical mobile application for travelers. This way you can view your reservations along the way and at the same time book other services.


Book services separately or with assistance (online / offline)

With UBI, you have a powerful hybrid solution that combines the best of both worlds: book your services online separately and benefit from assistance. With the integrated chat and mail function, you can call more complex reservations to a trusted contact person at Uniglobe. This way you can easily exchange, refine and complete your reservation. As a customer, you also enjoy extra quality control and you can rely on the expertise of our travel consultants.

You can choose which trips you want to book online, online with assistance or completely offline.


Integrated travel policy

UBI can be fully customized for your company or organization. Integration of travel policy with accompanying warnings, which can be set in a restrictive or indicative way. Possibility to set clear (pre) acceptance rules (approval procedure) so that nothing is left to chance. For example, you can set rules about who is allowed to travel, at what prices or conditions, in economy or other classes, through certain airlines, ...


User friendly interface

UBI has a very user-friendly environment, both for travel managers and for travelers. In addition to the best available rates, UBI also takes into account other important criteria, such as stopovers, total travel time and other ...

Preferred partners of your company or organization, such as airlines, hotels and car rentals, can also be included in the system.



In addition to UBI, you can also use our reporting tool. With an interactive and dynamic dashboard, you can easily see all important statistics and travel data. Thanks to the evaluated information and statistics, you will be able to adapt your travel policy to your organization even better. These are essential points for a thorough analysis of travel costs and for setting up an effective travel policy. We make the tool available to all our customers. Whether small or large companies

And much more....